Cathy and Tom 2016

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Cathy lived with me and Tom (splitting her time with Andrea) for a little over a year before she went into assisted living. This was a common scene at our kitchen table during that time. Tom was so happy to have this time with his mom!! As was Andrea.  And it was an invaluable experience for me to get to know her. Cathy never once complained in all the time I knew her. She faced her aging gracefully and with dignity. She was a force, without really having this desire. She was also very curious and interested in what comes next, after passing.

Tom Veatch

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Cathy Veatch is my mother.

Incidentally, I'm the administrator and initial author of this website. You may contact me at


Mom communicating in China

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Once upon a time Mom and Andrea and I went to China, and I wrote this after.

How to communicate in China

We climbed up what we thought was the mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary who in 1912 or so toppled the 5000-year-old imperial system of government in China and founded modern China (before getting booted by the next revolutionary), but instead it was the mausoleum of Wang Fu (or something) who might have been one of those emperors from a few hundred years earlier.