Obituary of Cathy Veatch

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Mom in Tacoma, 2013

Cathy Veatch


Catherine Anne Cox Veatch passed away in Tacoma, Washington on September 15, 2018. She was born in Hollywood, California on September 16, 1931 as the only child of William Henry Cox and Margaret Virginia Crockett. She attended the University of California Santa Barbara (BA Education) and Stanford University (MS Genetics). Her curiosity and openness never fatigued.

She married Fred Veatch Jr. of Tacoma, Washington in 1956. She, Fred, and their children lived in Bangkok, Thailand from 1962 to 1966 and in Okinawa from 1966 to 1972. They divorced in 1972. Cathy and her children settled in Ridgecrest, California in 1974. Cathy taught chemistry and biological sciences at Burroughs High School until her retirement. She was a lifelong member of the American Association of University Women, the Unitarian Universalist Association, Chi Omega sorority, the Girl Scouts of America, and  Unity.  She was a devout student and teacher of Course in Miracles and Course of Love for 37 years.

After retirement, Cathy joined the Peace Corps to teach English in Suva, Fiji. In 1990, Cathy and 120 other activists ceremoniously trekked 3,500 miles by foot from Santa Monica, California to NYC with the Global Walk for a Livable World, disseminating information for environmentally conscious living. Cathy then moved to China to work as an educator for two years.

The happiest time in Cathy's life was while she was living in Imperial Beach, California. She was within walking distance of Mexico, and nestled between the Tijuana Bird Estuary, the Tijuana River, and the Pacific Ocean.

Cathy is survived by her children Mary (Jerry Devries) of Colorado, Thomas (Elizabeth Hunter) of Washington, Laura (Ed Hanson) of California, and Andrea Veatch of Washington; six grandchildren Cassidy, Cody, Wendy, Cassandra, Zoe, and Nico; and four great grandchildren Haley, Alyssa, Aiden and Austin. She had many dear, loyal, profound, and amazing friendships.

Cathy died from the complications of dementia. Despite the frailty of her mind, her genius shone brightly through the fog as she scribbled this complex metaphor representing her strength at the center of her being, woven into the fabric of her life and love, written shortly before her passing:

"I am an atom. My electron waves ebb and flow far beyond my center giving the illusion of solidarity. My nucleus is undisturbed, positively repelling particles, held together by strong force. Neutrons add density yet here is space and freedom. My outer electrons are shared or given to create compounds adjoining other atoms."

At the end of her life, she had only one message: "Love is the start and the finish, love is the only answer."

Cathy willed her body for the advancement of science and medical research to the University of Washington.