Interview with Cathy Veatch 10/22/16

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Interview with Cathy 10/22/16


What are  you most proud of in  your life and looking back what are you happy about?


  • I have four children. 
  • I am kind to animals.
  • I do things that make people happy which then makes me happy. 
  • I extend love
  • Spiritual growth is my biggest success because that is the clearest purpose. 
  • Being the best mother and daughter that I could be
  • Providing a home for you children.
  • Listening to you when you wanted to share something.


You are going to live to see the first woman president, how do you feel about that?


I am not sure sure I will make it that long.  


Its only two weeks away


Well, if I have an opportunity in the meantime, I will take it (to not last that long)

I have done what I am supposed to do. I have accomplished what I needed.  


Memorial for Cathy Veatch at Unity San Diego, November 17, 11am.

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All are welcome to a memorial for Cathy Veatch at Unity San Diego.  Please share this invitation with all who knew her.

Date: Saturday November 17, 2018.  11am.

Address: 3770 Altadena Ave, San Diego, CA 92105

Phone: (619) 280-2501


Cathy and spirituality

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It was lovely having some time to sit down with Cathy when she first moved in with Tom and me to discuss her ideas on spirituality. She was a long time student of the Course in Miracles, and shared her intrigue and curiosity of this path with me, especially as pertains to end of life. Some of her writings found after her death reveal what I discovered myself chatting with her at my kitchen table - that Cathy was a seeker. I'm pretty sure that she has found what she was seeking. Like a bullet into the sky, she went.

Cathy Chronology

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Certain synchronicities curiously occurred 

  • September 16,1931: Birth day.
  • September 15, 1956: Marries Fred Veatch Jr
  • September 15, 2018: Death day.
    • The next day would be her birth day, so she lived 87 years of days, yet didn't turn 87.
      • Immediately after her death day came: her birth day! Nice hint, to encourage us, Mom, thank you.
    • Mourners for Mom immediately found support from a succession of religions and supporters:
      • Yom Kippur 9/18-19 (Judaism:  day of atonement)
      • Ashura 9/20-21 (Islam: day of remembrance)
      • Pitru Paksha 9/24-10/8 (Hinduism: week to honor ancestors)
      • My own spiritual tradition supported me:
        • before the hour of Mom's passing with the weekly evening program of chanting and meditation,
        • after the hour of her passing with the weekly morning program of chanting and meditation, and 
        • immediately next a scheduled-months-earlier, last-of-the-year. meditation teaching program on the theme of "Peace", especially focussing on the universal funeral poem of Hinduism, which I had long ago made a special study of, on my website: Isopanisad.

It seemed like a synchronicity of support.